Carpenter door repair Henley on Thames

Door Repair in Henley-on-Thames

A door previously suffering from harsh weather has been restored using our professional carpentry team. The timber-framed door had signs of cracking and wood-rot which was filled with wood-fill, given a trade varnish and re-painted. The final result left the door improved and protected from the elements of winter....

Carpenter painted door in Princes Risborough

Carpentry in Princes Risborough

One of our carpenters fixed an existing door for a homeowner in Princes Risborough. The door had a build-up of problems with previous wood rot, chipping and other minor marks. In this case, we first filled the chips and rotten areas with wood filler then varnished and painted a...

Carpentry in Abingdon

Porch Carpentry in Abingdon

A porch in Abingdon required extensive work to deal with existing timber rot. The client based in Abingdon, decided to keep the existing porch. We cut and removed the rotting wood and sanded new timber to replace the existing space. The end result was as we expected, minimal damage...

Bespoke wardrobe carpentry Wallingford

Bespoke Carpentry in Wallingford

The carpentry team at Windmill Services was required to design and finish bespoke wooden wardrobe doors for a client based in Wallingford. We sourced, cut and planed the wood and included a ridged-like design to fit the client’s needs. A final coat of paint and protective varnish was applied...


Bespoke Wardrobe Carpentry in Oxfordshire

Bespoke wardrobe for a client in Oxfordshire requiring the rmoval of the existing built-in wardrobe with a request for a larger area for storage. The old wardrobes were stripped out and disposed of allowing our carpenters to begin installing the carcass to the fixed wardrobe. We fit all new...