Sash window installation Oxford, Oxfordshire

Sash Windows in Oxfordshire

Timber framed sash windows fully installed and fitted for clients in Oxford, Oxfordshire. Using our carpenters to remove the previous aged sash windows and replace the frame, the glazing and the window sill for a new finish. We repair or replace wooden sash windows for homeowners across Oxfordshire. View...

Sash Window Repair In Oxfordshire - Featured

Sash Window Repair In Wheatley, Oxfordshire

Our skilled craftsmen recently had to repair a sash window for a house in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. The timber frames of the window were rotten and had started to crumble away. We stripped away the original layers of white paint to assess the severity of the rotting. Only small areas...


Replacement Sash Windows In Oxford.

Replacement wooden sash windows for a house in Oxford, Oxfordshire. The owners were complaining about a strong draft coming from the window and wanted to resolve the issue. We removed the old, damaged sash window before replacing it with a new, wooden sash window. The owners were pleased with...